About Us

Butler College is a large secondary school in the northern suburbs of Perth which first opened for the 2013 school year. As each year has progressed, we have grown from small beginnings to now have nearly 2,000 students from Years 7 to 12, including a purpose-built education support facility. It is an innovative institution which embraces the philosophy of education being a partnership between staff, students and parents and continues to develop a solid foundation of strong community values.

It is this focus on working as a team to build students’ self-belief and abilities that has made our College a school that its community is proud of. We continue to create a learning environment where students feel valued, supported and safe, encouraging in them the self-awareness and self-confidence to strive for personal excellence.

With a broad, relevant curriculum and with a real commitment to values, students are finding their place in the College community and beyond. As a school, we provide a diverse and inclusive curriculum, catering to all ability levels, that gives each student the flexibility to match their strengths and aspirations to future education and career pathways, through their involvement and achievement, in an extensive range of academic and extra-curricula programs.

The College staff lead by example, continually challenging themselves and their students to adapt to a world of constant change and to being lifelong learners. Through the provision of these positive experiences every student has the opportunity to grow. We recognise that each student is an individual to be welcomed, respected and believed in.

Our values – including respect for self, others and the environment – are an intrinsic part of our curriculum and central to College life. These are embedded in our motto “Knowledge – Integrity - Respect” which reflects that we are an institution of learning; where honesty and courtesy to all are an expectation.

A commitment to strong working partnerships between students, parents, staff and the wider community is the essence of the College and continues to set the foundation on which to base our objective of a high standard of academic and personal achievement.

With our building program now complete, the College looks forward to using the latest in teaching and learning pedagogy and technologies, and continuing to introduce new concepts and initiatives that support that goal.