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We encourage you to consider purchasing an Apple MacBook for your child’s secondary education. The College has negotiated with JB Hi-Fi Education and Winthrop Australia, to provide MacBooks at a discounted price. Students are required to bring their MacBook to College each day to use in classes as directed by their teachers.

Parents can order and pay online via the Winthrop Australia Portal or JB Hi-Fi Education Portal. You may choose to purchase a MacBook from another company, but it must be an Apple MacBook Air, MacBook or MacBook Pro. These are the only devices currently supported by Butler College. For more information, please read the FAQs below or contact Helen Macri (Associate Principal), Mark Lehmann (Digital Communications Coordinator) or Brian Lowry (Manager ICT Services) on 9561 4200.

For further information please see the College's IT Information letter

The images below link to the appropriate portal:

JB Hi-Fi Education Portal
Winthrop Australia Portal


Is a MacBook mandatory for my student to attend Butler College?

No it is not, but it is highly recommended.

Can my Child use a tablet or a windows laptop?

No, Apple MacBooks are the only 1:1 device we support at Butler College.

If I purchase a MacBook from a JB Hi-Fi store, am I still eligible for onsite warranty and insurance?

No, this is only available when purchasing through the JB Hi-Fi education portal under the Butler College BYOD program. If you purchase a MacBook directly from a JB Hi-Fi store, your warranty agreement will exist between yourself and JB Hi-Fi.

Which portal should I purchase my child’s MacBook through?

This is completely up to you. Each portal will have slightly different prices, finance and delivery options. You should pick the one which suits your needs best. The MacBook’s themselves will be identical, and the optional products will be very similar, if not identical.

Do I need to purchase any additional software for my child’s MacBook?

No. As a school we endeavour to use only free software combined with the free Microsoft Office licence provided by the Education Department of WA for the duration of your child’s education.

Which MacBook Air option should I buy?

Whichever best fits your budget. The previous generation MacBook Air with 128GB of storage is more than capable for all high school education needs.

What is the difference between the MacBook Air models?

Aside from the size, shape and colour differences, the latest model MacBook Air has a higher quality display and more modern hardware than the previous generation. The latest model MacBook Air comes in two options, 128GB and 256GB of storage – this is how much space is available to store files (photos, documents, music files, games, etc) on the MacBook. The previous generation MacBook hardware is capable enough for all educational needs, and only comes with a single storage option of 128GB.

What is the difference between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Aside from the size, shape and colour differences, the MacBook Pro has a higher quality display, and more powerful hardware. The MacBook Pro is aimed at professionals, whereas the MacBook Air is aimed at every day users.

Should we get a protective cover, what about a carry case?

The hard protective cover such as the STM Dux will provide protection when your child is using the MacBook and accidentally drops it, knocks it off a table, and other similar accidents. The carry case on the other hand provides padding and protection for the MacBook when your child is transporting the MacBook (usually in their school bag).

We have seen MacBook’s badly damaged in either situation which could have been avoided or reduced if the MacBook was in the appropriate case at the time. We would highly recommend purchasing and most importantly using a protective cover in conjunction with a padded carry case.

What about backups?

We recommend that your child keeps a backup of their school work. We recommend using either OneDrive, iCloud, or Time Machine to a portable hard drive (which is kept at safely at home). The Butler College IT department can help your child to configure backups.

Do we need a portable hard drive (HDD)?

You do not need a portable hard drive; but we recommend having one available to back up your child’s data. In addition, if your child decides to take a subject such as Digital Media or Photography, they can use the storage space to store large media files that they work on in these subjects.


AppleCare+ offers an additional 1 year of warranty and limited coverage for accidental damage, as well as access to Apple phone support. We recommend that you have some form of accidental damage cover – either MacBook specific insurance, coverage via your Home and & Contents insurance, or AppleCare+. Which one of these is best for you is dependent on your situation.

Can we purchase a second hand MacBook?

Yes, this is an option. We recommend that it be no more than 3 years old, so it lasts most of the school life of a student.

Do we have to purchase a MacBook through one of the portals?

No. You can purchase a MacBook from wherever suits you, but you will not have access to our onsite warranty and insurance services.

Can my child use their iPad, PC Laptop or other non-MacBook device at the school?


Do we need to purchase insurance with our MacBook?

No you do not. However, many students have had their MacBook repaired or replaced under the insurance policy due to accidental damage which can occur through regular and responsible use. Another option you may have is to insure the MacBook through your home contents insurance.

Is there any option to lease/rent/finance/purchase interest free?

This is dependent on the individual portal you decide to purchase through. We typically advise parents to stay away from leasing or renting MacBook’s as the value for money is low and the duration of the lease contract often does not match up with the duration your child will be at school. Interest free options are available through each portal, JB Hi-Fi currently offers 12 months interest free, and Winthrop offers 6 months interest free – both of which are subject to the usual finance checks.

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