Laptops and Technologies

We encourage you to consider purchasing an Apple MacBook for your child’s secondary education. The College has negotiated with external provider, Winthrop Australia, to provide MacBooks at a reasonable price. Students are required to bring their MacBook to College each day to use in classes as directed by their teachers.

Parents can order and pay online via Winthrop Australia’s portal (insurance and extras are also available). You may choose to purchase a laptop from another company (eg retail store), but it must be an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. These are the only devices currently supported by Butler College (note that Winthrop Australia only provide the MacBook Air). For more information please contact Helen Macri (Associate Principal), Mark Lehmann (Digital Communications Coordinator) or Brian Lowry (Manager ICT Services) on 9561 4200.

For further information please open the College's IT Information letter

Visit the Winthrop Portal portal to order your child’s laptop.

15 McCormack Boulevard
Butler WA 6036

Phone: 08 9561 4200