Qkr! by Mastercard

Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is a secure and easy way to pay for excursions and complete the permissions online.  The app can be downloaded for free on smart phones, ipads, laptops and desktop computers.  Payments can be made with your Mastercard or Visa credit cards as well as debit Visa and Mastercards.  Using Qkr! you will be able to:

  • Pay for excursions for your children* at Butler College (*not available for Year 12 students)
  • Complete and sign permission forms
  • See your receipt for payments and receive a copy by email if required

Simply download the app and follow the instructions to register and set up; read the instructions... 

To register Qkr! on a desktop or laptop computer, click here...  Read these Hints and Tips, or contact College Administration on 9561 4200. 

How will I find out about excursions?

  • Parents and students will receive a Connect notice providing all the information about the upcoming excursion. If the excursion is available to be paid via Qkr! this will be included in the Connect notice.

How do I complete the permission form and pay for the excursion?

  • Go to the Qkr! app on your device or computer, search for your child and select the excursion you wish to pay for. Add the item to your cart and complete the form following the prompts. Complete the process by making your payment (payments must be made at the time of submitting the permission form).

If the excursion is not available on the app, your child will be given a paper copy of the permission forms with an Excursion information letter.

Larger excursions such as camps and tours (local, interstate and overseas) will remain as paper copy permission forms due to the nature of these excursions. Payments can also be made via BPoint (click on the green PAYMENTS button on our home page) and in Administration.