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Term 2 Newsletter - 12 July 2020

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Term 2 Newsletter - 12 July 2020
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It was very pleasing to see students return to the College at the start of Term 2 and also the gradual increase in activities over the past 10 weeks. When the State Government deems it safe to ease restrictions even further, I am cautiously confident we will be able to resume more activities and events in the remaining terms this year. 

We must, however, temper this enthusiam with the reality that the COVID crisis is still very much affecting other states in Australia and the world. We empathise with our fellow Australians and global community; and we must also be prepared for the possilbity of local restrictions being tightened should the virus become prevalent in WA again.

Throughout the term we have worked together to ensure the safety of all students and staff, and I congratulate our cleaning staff. These dedicated people have worked tirelessly before, during and after every school day ensuring we maintain our hygiene standards. This level of cleaning will continue in Terms 3 and 4. I encourage you to read the article in this newsletter about how we celebrated International Cleaner's Day with our cleaning staff.

I would like to acknowledge our Director General and  the Department of Education for the manner in which they have kept Principals informed of every development affecting schools throughout this challenging year. From their professionalism in this crisis, I have been able to confidently provide regular updates to our College community.

Earlier in the year, we conducted our own survey to find out how students were feeling during the COVID crisis. We were amazed by the thoughtful responses by the large number of students who responded. All year groups were united in saying that our hand sanitiser did in fact smell terrible, but at least we know they were using it!  A common response from our Year 12 students was that they were distressed about the uncertainty surrounding their Ball.  

It was this concern that led me to visit all Year 12 classes to let them know that we hadn't 'forgotten' about them; the wheels were in motion to ensure there would be  opportunities for them to celebrate their final year at the College.  After a revisiting plans and preparations, we were delighted to announce to the Year 12's that their College Ball would go ahead in late Term 3. 

This was just the start of planning for other events across the College, which will now occur in a very busy Term 3. The Year 10 Dinner Dance, Year 11 River Cruise and the whole College House Athletics carnival will all take place in the final four weeks of Term 3.  Two marine studies camps to The Abrolhos Islands and Coral Bay are also scheduled in mid to late Term 3.

I thank all the staff involved in getting these events and camps up-and-running again at short notice, and also the parents who have continued to support the College in our endeavour to provide opportunities for students.  Enjoy the remaining days of the school holidays and we will see everyone back at school on Monday 20 July for the start of Term 3.

Barry Rose

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Daria Kearon
President, Butler College P&C Association

2021_Enrolment_reminderWe are currently accepting enrolment applications for Year 7 2021, as well as other Years. While we are happy to accept applications at any time in the school year, our preferred closing date is Friday 24 July, to ensure timely processing before the start of the 2021 school year.

Our website https://www.butlercollege.wa.edu.au has all the information you need, including the Application Booklet. Alternatively please visit Administration (during school terms) to discuss your child's enrolment and collect an Application Booklet. Contact us on 9561 4200 for all enrolment enquiries. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Butler College next year.

Get your child's secondary education off to a great start with a scholarship at Butler College. We are now accepting applications for our 2021 Scholarship Program, open to all students enrolling in Year 7 2021. Two scholarships are offered in each of the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts for Students with Disabilities
  • Indigenous Leadership (new for 2021)

Applications close on Friday 28 August 2020. To learn more and to apply, visit our website https://www.butlercollege.wa.edu.au or call Administration on 9561 4200.

Check out the video below, showcasing everything our fabulous Arts Department has to offer students at Butler College. With state of the art facilities, resources and wonderful staff in dance, drama, graphics design, media, music, photography and visual arts, we're sure your child is going love being involved in The Arts.

Extra-curricular activities include cheerleading, drama & music performances, and our 3 'Academies' also offer students the opportunity to further extend their skills in Dance, Media and Visual Arts. Thanks to our talented staff and students for producing this video with Media Technician Mr Jelavic.

Visit our website https://www.butlercollege.wa.edu.au for more information about the courses on offer and our Arts Scholarships for Year 7 2021 (applications close 28 August 2020).

Year_7_Academic_Extension Program

At Butler College, we love to challenge and extend young minds!

Applications are now open for the 2021 Year 7 Academic Extension Program. Students in the program participate in enriched learning sessions to develop students’ skills in core learning areas as well as STEM, working with others, communication and confidence in public speaking.

To learn more about the Academic Extension Program and to apply, go to https://www.butlercollege.wa.edu.au or call Administration on 9561 4200. Applications close on Friday 28 August 2020. We look forward to welcoming our new Academic Extension students in 2021.

Our Year 8 Academic Extension students had a blast designing and building their dragsters for the CO2 Dragsters Jaguar competition. Incorporating all aspects of STEM learning, students worked together to create a team name and logo, designed and built their dragsters, and then competed against each other for the fastest time.

We were very impressed with the students’ creativity and collaborative teamwork to get their machines built and ready to race.  Thanks to Mrs Bedworth, Mr Clifton and Mr Ashmore organising the event.


In June we celebrated International Cleaners Day with our wonderful cleaning staff. Each member of staff was presented with a small gift and everyone enjoyed coffee and cake for afternoon tea.


We are very appreciative of the important role these dedicated people play in keeping our College sparkling clean - not only during the current COVID-19 circumstances, but each and every day throughout the year. Thank you!

HP Program

Applications are now open for the Year 7 2021 High Performance Cricket, Netball and Soccer Programs at Butler College.

Applications close on 28 August, with trials for all programs to be held on 15 September.

Visit our website https://www.butlercollege.wa.edu.au for more details and to apply, or call Administration on 9561 4200.

Taking advantage of a few sunny days in winter, our rugby and soccer teams recently hit the field for much needed practice matches during the breaks in late June. Our netballers also took to the courts to refine skills and gain some match fitness. With competitive sport starting to return in Term 3, the students gave their all during the games and the student crowd loved the entertainment at break times.

Last week our Year 12 students had to get up early on a Wednesday - outrageous, but with good reason! We were fortunate to secure the services of Scott from Drone Images WA to take fantastic photos and video for our 2020 College Yearbook.

Drone 1

Under the theme 'social distancing, but still connected', everyone gathered on the College oval. Organising almost 200 students and staff to get into formation was no mean feat, but Head of Year 11/12 Mr Dawkins kept everyone in line - literally. The weather 'played nice' and we can't wait to see the final footage later in the year.


National Sorry Day - 26 May 2020

In May we acknowledged the signficance of National Sorry Day as a time to remember ‘The Stolen Generation’. From 1909 to 1969, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were forcibly removed from their families and communities as a result of government policies. While we cannot change our nation’s history, we can all reflect, learn and play a part in the healing process for all our people and nation.

Our Specialist Program students showed their respect by making a banner, painting their hands to create handprints in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. Students also made flags and posters that are now displayed outside their classroom. Principal Barry Rose helped out with the banner and it was a wonderful activity for our students, with everyone working together to acknowledge this significant day.

National Reconciliation Week 27 May to 3 June

National Reconciliation Week acknowledge's Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture, accomplishments and our shared history, with the common goal of achieving reconciliation. May 27 and June 3 commemorate significant events in Australia’s history – the successful 1967 referendum and the 1992 High Court ‘Mabo’ decision respectively, both marking a positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This year’s theme, ‘In This Together’ was especially relevant, reminding us that we all have a role to play in working towards reconciliation.

Students joined in some fun activities during break times, including decorating biscuits in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. A big thank you to Ms Garlett, our Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer for organising the activities, which were enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Thank you, Senior Indigenous Students

Ms Garlett also showed her appreciation to senior Indigenous students for their initiative and pride in assisting with Reconciliation Week activities and other Aboriginal and Cultural events at the College during the year. Two of these future leaders shared the honour of raising our new flag to replace the old flag that had weathered over time.

What do shark eggs, blue dragons and sea turtles have in common? They are all part of our oceans and also hot topics in a Marine Studies ‘Show and Tell’, hosted by Mr Candeloro & Mr Montague to celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June. Students examined marine life specimens, watched several videos and participated in a quiz and discussions about climate change. The professional photograph of the blue dragon (found recently by Mr Montague) will feature in an upcoming edition of Australian Geographic Magazine. All in all, a wonderful learning experience for the students.  


Also, check out the video below to find out what World Oceans Day means to our Marine Studies students. Featuring our Jurien Bay, Exmouth and Cocos Islands Marine Studies camps, the video was produced in-house by Mr Kastanis (Media) in collaboration with Mr Candeloro (Marine Studies).

What an awesome live gig at the College on the last day of Term 2!  Many thanks to the Year 12 band who really rocked at the 'G' - the G Block courtyard.

Drawing in a large crowd, the band played their original songs as well as a few covers. Their songs could be heard over the entire College, creating a fun atmosphere over at the Rugby pitch where two teams were battling it out in a practice match.

With the possibility of more live performances by music students in Term 3, perhaps there will be another 'Live at the G' gig late in September? We can't wait!

Our latest addition to the College is this fantastic pavilion, completed in the Term 1 school holidays.


Currently nicknamed 'The Shed', the structure features wide, split-level sitting areas covering 42 metres in length. Bringing much-needed shade to the oval, The Shed will be used at events including the House Athletics Carnival (10 September), BC Festival, sporting matches and everyday activities. Many thanks to our P&C for co-funding the concrete foundations. 


Carers Wellbeing Australia are passionate about caring for carers, focusing on your well-being.  

Carers are welcome to come along to one of their fortnightly meetings (during school terms) on Tuesdays from 9:30am to 12noon at the Ridgewood Clubrooms, 15 Ridgewood Boulevard in Ridgewood. Gold coin donations are welcomed. For more information, read their brochure, visit their facebook page @carerswellbeingaustralia or email Helen at hi@helen-owen.com.au