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Map of Connolly Dve Roadworks Nov 2019

Roadworks on Connolly Drive: 18 November 2019 to mid-June 2020

Roadworks on Connolly Drive (between Lukin Dve & Benenden Ave) will start on 18 November to create dual-lanes in both directions. The roadworks will focus on the central median ‘island’, with traffic cones and reduced speed limits to ensure the safety of workers, pedestrians and road users.

There will be disruptions to pedestrian crossing points that allow pedestrians to cross Connolly Drive. At any one time, only one crossing point will be disturbed; signage will direct pedestrians to the nearest available crossing point. Heavy machinery will be operated during construction; we remind students to cross Connolly Drive at the designated crossing points to ensure their safety

We ask all road-users and pedestrians to be patient, courteous and follow all road rules to ensure the safety of everyone. 

College Administration will be closed from Friday 20 December 2019 and will re-open on Tuesday 28 January 2020

Enrolment applications must be returned in person to Administration. We urge you to enrol for 2020 without delay to ensure your child's application is approved and processed before the end of Term 4 2019. All applications are subject to eligibility and approval, with processing (after approval) taking up to 3 business days. Please provide all required documents with your application to avoid delays and contact us on 9561 4200 if you have any queries.  If your child has health and/or medical conditions, you may need to complete specific Health Forms, available on the website. 

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