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Student Photo Days 22 & 23 Feb... see Connect for full details and shoot key to order online.

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High Performance Sports - Cricket, Netball, Soccer

Enrolling at Butler College

Enrolling your child early* helps us plan for the new school year. Enrol or book a College Tour here...

*Enrolment applications are welcome at any time during the school year; we encourage you to enrol before the official deadline or as early as possible before the end of the current school year.

SD DAYS 2023

Term 1:   -
Term 2:   2 June
Term 3:   11 August
Term 4:   9 October

Students do not attend on School Development (SD) Days

Administration Hours

Mon-Thurs:  8am-3:45pm
Fri:                 8am-3:15pm

School & Public Holidays: CLOSED