Butler College Board

About the Butler College Board

Our College Board is comprised of representatives of parents, staff and the local community. The Board’s purpose is to offer ideas and expertise to the strategic planning of the College, playing an important role in the College’s future direction. Our Board is cohesive, respectful and enthusiastic, with members who are committed to helping our students achieve to the best of their ability.  The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • establish and review the College’s objectives, priorities, general policies and codes of conduct;
  • planning of financial arrangements to fund objectives, priorities and directions;
  • evaluating the College’s performance in achieving goals and outcomes;
  • endorse the Statement of Expectation, Business Plan and Annual Report;
  • review and approve the College Budget and Additional Cost Options each year;
  • determine student dress code and uniforms in consultation with students, parents and staff; and
  • promote the College in the community.


2022 Board Members

Board Chair Mike Ellis
Community Brian Butterworth, Carolyn Murphy, Jane Inglis
Parents Lisa Marson, Dean Barton
Staff Ryan Govan, Principal
Mark Humphries, Deputy Principal
Sasha Thomas, Teacher, HASS

The Board meets once every term at the College for a late afternoon meeting of 1-1.5 hours - Webex is an option for members who cannot attend in person. Visit our calendar for specific dates.  For more information please contact Administration on 9561 4200 or visit the Department of Education.