Student Wellbeing Centre

Welcome to the Student Wellbeing Centre, formerly known as Student Services.  Our role is to provide support and assistance to the College community in a variety of areas including academic achievement, participation, attendance, behaviour and pastoral care.  In particular, we assist students and their families, helping each student achieve their full potential in a supportive, safe and caring environment.

Meet our Team

Manager, Student Services and Second-In-Charge - Lead the team to support students and staff social, emotional and behavioural well-being.

Heads of Year – 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 manage the pastoral care needs and well-being of the students in their year groups. They monitor student welfare, attendance and academic progress, working with families and teachers to resolve issues and improve circumstances.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO) has a significant role in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their education at the College.

Attendance Officers monitors students’ attendance and identifies those who are at educational risk through poor attendance. They offer support and work closely with parents to improve student attendance.

School Psychologists apply their knowledge and expertise to support students in mental health and their social/emotional well-being to help them achieve academic success.  This may involve individual counselling and student support, meeting with parents, participating in Case Conferences, behaviour support and liaising with outside agencies or working closely with other members of the Student Services team.

School Chaplains offer students counselling and programs about friendship, social and resilience skills. Teachers can make referrals for students to see the Chaplains or students can visit Student Services before or after school, or in break times to make an appointment to see the Chaplains.

Student Support Officers are trained mental health workers who have completed the necessary qualifications to assess and assist students with mental health concerns and are trained in suicide prevention. Their role is to support students’ social and emotional well-being and work closely with students on Risk Management Plans.

Community Nurses (School Health Service) promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. Community Nurses provide an easy access point to health care for students to seek information, guidance and support about a range of issues. The school health service team may carry out health assessments and provide information, advice, referrals and support for students.

Administration Officer manages staff, student and parent enquiries and organises positive behaviour incentives such as Merit Awards, Student of the Month and College Colours, as well as maintaining all administrational duties for our team.