In Mathematics, our aim is to foster and promote the mathematical interests and talents of all students. There are opportunities to develop their mathematical skills and knowledge using the content strands (which describe what is being taught) of the Australian Curriculum; Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Number and Algebra

Students apply number sense and strategies for counting and representing numbers whilst applying their number and algebra skills to solve problems and communicate their reasoning.

Measurement and Geometry

Students develop an understanding of size, shape, relative position and movement of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects in space.

Statistics and Probability

Students recognize and analyse data and draw inferences.

The Mathematics Learning Area integrates e-learning tools into the teaching and learning program, including Mathletics and Connect. All students are actively encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively in order to become confident in their everyday use of mathematics. Students will be encouraged to actively engage in problem solving to consolidate and extend their previous knowledge and experiences. They may also be invited to participate in events such as the Australian Mathematics Competition - one of the largest annual events on the Australian education calendar.

Our dedicated staff deliver all lower and senior school courses following the Australian Curriculum syllabus. We provide meaningful, positive and engaging learning experiences in a supportive environment, to maximise the achievement and allow students to develop a positive attitude toward mathematics and to become lifelong learners.

Extension classes operate in all lower school years, allowing talented young mathematicians to extend themselves in pursuit of challenging and raising their personal standards. We provide opportunities for students to be involved in competitions, further encouraging the pursuit of excellence. Our Academic Improvement Program (AIP) provides students who are experiencing difficulty, with a supportive environment where they are able to build on fundamentals and improve their confidence in numeracy. Please refer to the AIP webpage for more detailed information.

In senior school, five mathematics courses are offered - two follow on from a lower school general pathway and three from the ATAR pathway. For more information on prerequisites and courses for senior school students please refer to the Student Curriculum Handbook.
‘Learning Mathematics creates opportunities for and enriches the lives of all Australians.’ (the Australian Curriculum website)