Student Attendance

Why is regular attendance at school so important?

It’s well-documented that children who attend school daily will generally perform better at school and in life.  Daily attendance ensures children gain the maximum benefit from their education to optimise their future opportunities. A child’s education is ‘at risk’ if their attendance falls below 90% (refer Department of Education policy).  Early intervention for ‘at risk’ children is a proven approach to improving attendance.

The Education Act requires all children attend school on-site or at an educational program of the school off-site as directed by the Principal. Parents and guardians are responsible (under the Act) for ensuring their child is attending school daily. Students are responsible for:

  • Arriving at school by 8.25am each day (9.30am on Wednesdays).
  • Moving quickly to the next class at the end of each session and after break times.
  • Attending all classes until dismissed at the end of the day.

Late Arrivals
Frequent lateness is disruptive to learning - students are expected to arrive at school on time and be prompt to all classes throughout the day. Late arrivals must report to Student Services or Administration and provide an explanation (a written & signed note, SMS or phone call from a parent or guardian). Students sign in at the kiosk and print a Late Pass to give to their teacher. Students without an explanation for lateness or being repeatedly late will face further consequences.

Student Absences
Parents/guardians must provide an explanation via written note, SMS, email or phone call for absences – partial, full day or several days. Please specify the reason and the date/s involved. Written notes are to be handed in to Administration or Student Services. If your child has seen a medical practitioner as a result of the absence, please provide a copy of the Medical certificate. If your child is absent for a prolonged period of time, please contact Administration as soon as possible. We will request a medical certificate for the duration of absence (if due to sickness or injury) – this is very important if the student has missed exams or assessments during this time.

Student Absences during school terms for family holidays etc...
We acknowledge that it is not always possible to avoid holidays or similar absences during school terms, but it is our preference that family holidays are taken during term breaks. The Department of Education requires parents to inform us if children are to be absent for extended periods during the school term.  Please complete and sign the Application for Student Absence Form if your child is going to be absent for three or more consecutive days during school terms. This form must be submitted to Administration for approval by the Principal prior to the requested absence.  Please check our Calendar, Connect notices or with your child’s teachers regarding exams/assessment dates to ensure they do not miss these.

SMS Text Messaging for Unexplained Absences
We use an automated SMS messaging service to advise parents of unexplained student absences and lateness. SMS messages are sent during the day to advise parents if their child has been marked absent at the start of the school day or to any classes. It is essential that any changes to parent contact details are provided to Administration.

Students Leaving School Grounds
Students are not permitted to leave the College during the school day. However, a Leave Pass will be issued to students when they need to leave College during the day (eg for a medical appointment or if they are unwell during the day). Students must present an explanation from a parent/guardian to leave early before being permitted to sign out at the kiosk in Administration. Unapproved departure from the College grounds will be considered Truancy.

Out of Class Movement
Students are expected to be organised during breaks so as to minimise the need to leave classes.  Students will not be permitted to leave a class without a Movement Pass provided by their teacher.