Subject Selections Online (SSO) & Course Handbooks

Subject Selections Online (SSO) will open at staggered times in Term 2 and 3 for students to choose their subjects for the following year. Year 12 students do not need to choose any subjects as their Year 11 subjects will continue in Year 12. Students in Year 7 do not select their own subjects in their first year at the College.  

Year 11 2023 selections:

Year 10 2023 selections:      

Year 9 2023 selections:        

Year 8 2023 selections:    

Step 1 - read the Course Handbooks

We encourage students and parents to read the Course Handbooks before making subject selections. While SSO remains open you may make changes to the subjects that have been selected. Once SSO has closed, you will no longer be able to make any changes. Subject changes deemed necessary after SSO has closed are at the discretion of the College.  

Year 11 2022 Course Handbook

Year 10 2022 Course Handbook

Year 9 2022 Course Handbook

Year 8 2022 Course Handbook

Step 2 - Read the SSO Instructions

Download the instructions for details on how to navigate SSO.  

Step 3 - Log in to SSO

When you are ready to make your selections, click on the SSO logo above to begin. The username and PIN number are the child's 'Student Number' (found on the front of their school report or College SmartRider card). A deposit of 50% of the subject charges is appreciated, but not compulsory to be paid at the time of making the subject selections.  Please contact College Administration on 9561 4200 if you have any queries or experience difficulties in using SSO.